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Cafe China serves all your Sichuan favorites in a dining room that evokes 1930s Shanghai. Standout dishes include spicy diced rabbit, baby black lamb, and "Szechuan pesto chicken." [Eater 38 Member]

Oct 08, 2013

Cafe China

Owner Xian here. For Chinese New Year (1/22), we are rolling out three new dishes: Lamb Hot Pot (袖珍羊肉锅), Steamed Pork in Lotus Leaves (荷叶粉蒸肉), and Lightly Sauteed Chinese Broccoli (清炒唐芥兰).

Jan 12, 2012

Daire Hickey

Nom nom nom. Shredded pork is incredible as are the dumplings

May 16, 2013

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