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Din Tai Fung

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8.7/10 (Based on 653 ratings)

Los Angeles Times

"...you have come for the dumplings: the neatly pleated fish dumplings, the hearty vegetable dumplings, the dumplings stuffed with slivered zucchini (green melon) and shrimp."

Jan 17, 2014

iPhone JunkieXL

Put these pork soup dumplings in your mouth and forget you just waited an hour for a table. The fried noodles will rock your mouth too

Dec 02, 2013

Los Angeles Times

Xiao long bao is a fixture on the menu of every restaurant that even pretends to serve Shanghai-style cooking in the San Gabriel Valley, but the version at Din Tai Fung is on a level by itself.

Aug 03, 2014

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