Bar Amá

Tex-Mex, Bar, Tacos, Mexican, Cocktail, New Mexican Cuisine


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9.3/10 (Based on 387 ratings)

Zach Schau

I would cut my fucking toes off for these mole enchiladas. Jesus fucking god, this place rules. See you tomorrow, you fucking angel-restaurant.

Jan 27, 2013

Caroline On Crack

Super Nacho Hour aka happy hour is 5-7pm on weekdays.

Aug 16, 2013

Starry Kitchen

Holy SHIT! #1 -we're originally from TX and miss Tex-Mex! #2 -some of the best headcheese (aka 'jamon de cabeza') we've had in a while.. #3 -fucking Leche Quesada/Burnt Milk Pudding FTMFW!!

Jan 31, 2013

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