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Aburiya Raku

Japanese, Udon


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8.7/10 (Based on 32 ratings)

Christopher Yokota

Oyaji Tofu Poached Egg with Sea Urchin and Salmon RoeCrispy Asparagus Okaki Kobe Beef Filet with WasabiKobe Beef Outside Skirt with GarlicKurobuta Pork CheekAsparagus with Bacon Iberico Pork

Feb 21, 2017

Andrew Galdi

Really delicious Japanese sushi and BBQ. So much to try! The tofu is absolutely amazing. Try a few things each time. Check Jonathan Gold's recommendations!

Dec 13, 2016


This West Hollywood restaurant, transplanted from Las Vegas, has some of the most consistent, and delicious, izakaya fare in Los Angeles.

May 09, 2016

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